About this Hotel

Leigham Court Hotel is located in an entertainment area of London in close proximity to Chelsea Bridge, Battersea and Stamford Bridge. The comfortable hotel is a good example of Victorian architecture in London. Located 15-20 min away from central London, between 2nd and 3rd zone. Building is a mix between modern and mid 18 century design. Around 200 years ago Lord and Lady Leigham lived in these quarters and few other buildings surrounding this area. Building has been kept in very tidy and neat condition for years and constantly renovated with a classic touch, not to lose the feel of authenticity and architecture .

Last Updated: 19.10.2021
Nearest Station-Streatham Hill
Number of rooms: 55
24 hours Reception
Restaurant - Breakfast Only
Car Park - Nearby
Luggage Room
Non-Smoking Hotel
Central Heating
Family Rooms
Safe - On Request

How to find this Hotel

18 Leigham Court Road
SW16 2PJ